So, you made it this far. By now, you should have at least a basic grasp of how things work within the corporation and alliance, and be comfortable using the EvE UI, and navigating around New Eden on your own.

You should know about the Intel channels, what they are for, and how to use them properly, you should have also had experience flying in a fleet.

Here's where you (hopefully) really start joining the big fleets, if you haven't already.


At this level, you will be working towards flying the Drake, Gila and Hurricane
Approx Training Time: 74 days total

You will also be choosing your Major during this stage.

Junior Rank is split into TWO groups (Similar to how Sophomore is split into 5)

Parts A and B

Junior A
Junior B

Just as with Sophomore, you must complete BOTH A and B to rank up.


Required Ships

You should try to stock as many of these alliance doctrine ships as you can (preferably all if possible) - Listed in preference order.


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