This is probably the hardest part of the training plan, there are 5 sub-sections for Sophomore (A-F) due to the fact that it covers so many skills and activities.
You must still complete all required skills and activities to progress.

I have tried to break it down and keep as clear and simple as possible..

Parts A and B

These are the main two parts to Sophomore, they will get you into required ships and using most of the modules.
Approx total training time: 27 days

Sophomore A
Sophomore B



"Sophomore (Yellow)" title in game!

Parts C to F

These are the supplemental skills and activities for Sophomore, they are required to Rank up.

Sophomore C
Sophomore D
Sophomore E
Sophomore F


Required Ships

You should try to stock as many of these alliance doctrine ships as you can (preferably all if possible) - Listed in preference order.


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