Fleet Operations Teaching Manual

Yeah... we could just rip off: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Fleets_101 but its one thing to read a public wiki. It's another thing to be a teacher. So, gentlemen, this is a checklist when TEACHING fleet operations.

The fleet commander is in charge of:
- Safety
- Efficiency
- Priority
Keep the fleet alive and having fun
~ Henry Garraway

There is no, "I," in fleet. Say the name.
- I need rep, gets no rep
- Henry is being locked--Everyone knows who is being locked
- Use Broadcasts, use third person, leave no ambiguity
how to follow broadcasts

how to F1
how to set watchlist
how to orbit FC
For mining, its Local awareness and alts watching gates
i love Hizhara for that reason
in and out gates only

Squads by Role:

FOB F.C. Organize the fleet:

  1. Setup Fleet Composition - Research
Shield or Armor Tank
DPS? Logi?

2. Scout

3. Set time / Fleet Invites / Rally

4. Prioritize Cap chain / Rep Watch List / Targets


  1. Establish Fleet Doctrines (have ships on standby)
  2. Put out a notification / Form a fleet in a window
  3. Get as much intel as possible
  4. Tease out priority / Test tanks / Determine how winnable the battle is