Joining CZYA

Crazy Aces is also recruiting, we are looking for established pilots to join the ranks..

What we want from you

- 20mil SP Minimum.
- Omega Pilots only (Sorry Alphas)
- PvP Experience a must
- FC Experience preferred, but not essential
- Proven zKB Record
- Willingness and ability to learn and adapt where required
- Able to be self sufficient, and join alliance fleets when required

What you can expect

- More of a family than a Corp
- Large freindly alliance
- high/low/null-sec ops
- Nullsec industry park
- Alliance fleets (QRF's, Roams, ESS Raid, large fleets)
- Help and support where ever and when ever possible
- alt/industry (wardec free) Sister corp
- Buybacks (and SRP via alliance)

Applications via the in game ad, or come chat to us in game at " SnCF Public "