Joining SnCF

Here is the main info you might need to know about joining SnCF

Minimum required from You!

To join us, you need at MINIMUM the following....

Q: What can the corp offer me?

A: Many things..

Q: Where is the corp located?

A: We are mostly located on the edge of Providence at the moment :)

Q: What if I am an Alpha Pilot?

A: We don't currently accept Alpha pilots into the Corp, however you may be able to join the University side of the alliance, You can ask us for more information should this interest you.

Q: What about my Alt characters, are they welcome?

A: You are welcome to bring in alts, on a per-case basis.

Q: What TimeZone(s) are you guys most active?

A: We cover a wide range of timezones, and it can vary through the week (as with everything) but our most active hours are between (approx) 14:00-03:00 EvE-time, however there area always people online in the alliance, so you are never alone :)