Joining Us

Below, is a brief rundown about who we are looking for for both of our corps, click the "Joining XXX" link for the relevant corp to see more info / deeper requirements, we have tried to cover everything you should need to know, and maybe think about before joining us.

We are a friendly group, from all around the world, some might say we're a misfit bunch, but were more of a family.

"Love with a bite"


The perfect candidate for SnCF will have some PvP experience, but also be interested in other aspects of the game, such as Mining and Industry or Incursions, or other PvE, Exploration... etc...

We are looking for people who are not afraid to ask questions, but also happy to help others when possible, we are here for each other, not to play solo!

Joining SnCF


The perfect CZYA candidate, should be an established PvP pilot, and be self sufficient within EvE, not afraid to join fleets, and maybe loose a few ships (though there is SRP via the alliance) and be happy to help members of SnCF and the Alliance where possible.

Joining CZYA

We also know that Real Life comes first!

To talk to us further, or if you have any further questions, please join "SnCF Public" chat or EvE-mail "Ghozer" in game...

If you are a smaller corp or group that may want to merge or join us together, please join our public chat in game as above, or eve-mail Ghozer in game..

Fly safe o7