High Sec Hauler Hunting

This is a guide on how to find and kill NPC haulers in high sec belts.
First of all, what you need for this is a high dps ship. You need more
that 1000 dps. I recommend a Hecate. I have been doing them in a
Talos, but I wouldn’t recommend that as it’s a slow warper.
Here are two the two fits that I have been using:



This guide will be in 3 parts. This is because it have diffrent steps.

Step 1:

This is the step of finding the NPC miners. What you do then is using
your directional scanner and scan each asteroid belt in the system.
The NPC miners will come up with a diamond in front of the ship type

As shown in the picture there are two NPC mining fleets here. One
called Astral Mining Inc. and one called Minmatar mining Corporation.
This is the kind you want to see. Once you find them it’s a waiting
game. The NPC hauler will also come on scan when it arrives. You
need to wait for that to warp in as that’s the one you are going to
attack. The hauler will depend on the faction the NPC corp belongs to.
In this case I wait for a Itron mark V (T1 version) or Occator (T2
version) that will warp into the belt where Astral mining Inc. is because
that corp belongs to the Gallente faction, or I will get a Mammoth (T1)
or a Mastodon (t2) as that’s the haulers for the Minmatar faction. Once
you see a hauler come into the belt, check which hauler it is, because
that will tell you what you can do next. Step 2 will be for a T1 hauler
and step 3 will be for a T2 hauler. There will also be a video on each
step showing how I do the different type of haulers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You see Serpentis corporation here as well.
They will also sometimes have mining ships out. DO NOT GO TO
THEM!! These will kill you. That goes for all pirate factions: Guristas,
Blood raider, Sansha, Serpentis and Angle.

Step 2             T1 Hauler

If you see an Itron mark V, Mammoth, Bestower or Badger warp in the
belt you know it’s a T1 Hauler. The way to do it then is to warp into the
belt and get close to the hauler. I choose to overheat my guns as well
for the extra dps. Once you are in close, lock it up and warp scramble
it (or else he will warp away) and shoot him. You will see the miners
start warp out as soon as you engage the Hauler. When they leave,
the response fleet will come. So that’s why you need the high dps,
because you want to kill it before the response fleet arrives. You will
have 20-30 sec max. Once the response fleet arrive, they will warp
scramble you and attack you. So, the point is to kill the hauler before
that happens and warp away. Then you warp to a close planet, moon
or safe spot. and keep using your Dscan to the belt. The response
fleet will come in three waves, so be sure there is no one in the belt
before you warp back. Just wait 2-3 min if you are unsure. Once they
have left, warp back and loot the wreck.

Here is a video of me doing that.

Step 3            T2 hauler

If a Impel, Bustard, Occator or Mastodon warps in, you know it will be
a T2 hauler, these haulers are tanked and can’t be killed like in step 2.
Here you need to do another approach. The idea here is to warp into
the belt and just shoot the hauler. Then warp off. You want to trigger
the response fleet and get the miners and haulers to warp off. They
will warp off to a safe spot. Then you will drop combat probes and
scan down that safe spot. Once you have located the NPC hauler
warp to that spot, preferably at little distance. Now the scary stuff
starts. You will come to the safe spot and encounter the mining fleet
and the hauler. The response fleet will also be there, so you need to
quickly burn away from them. They will engage you and try to warp
scramble you. If you are quick enough you will be out of their reach
before they manage that and will go faster than them. So, keep
burning away. The response fleet will keep going after you. Once you
are in a safe distance from the response fleet (70-100km), turn down
your speed to match theirs, then keep going straight out. Do this until
you have dragged the response fleet away from the mining fleet. I
normally do this until I have them 300-400 km away from the mining
fleet. Then you warp back to the hauler and lock it up and shoot it.
Then loot and go.

This is a video of me doing that.

Note: This method is much more time consuming and risky. There is
no difference in the loot from the T1 and T2 hauler, so I recommend
doing T1 haulers.

Be sure to loot the container from the hauler wreck. There is a small
chance that the hauler is empty, but that’s not normal. Once in your
hangar, double click that one and open container. The loot will be a
faction industrial skin for the industry ships, Orca Rouqal, Bowhead
and all the mining ships. The prices for this will range from less than
one mill. to over 300 mills. per skin. There is also a rare chance that it
drops a named mining laser upgrade. These are worth lot. I have seen
them go for up to 600-700 mills.

Is it worth doing this?

This is a high skill depending thing. You need to have great dps and
an agile ship, but once you have that it’s “easyish” to do this. It can be

a waiting game sitting and scanning for the hauler to come, and it can
take up to 30 min before it happens. One tactic is to set a long route in
the sector you do this, and just scan as you go by the system and
hope you get a hauler, and if not just move on. That way you don’t
need to sit and wait. But with the chance of getting 300+ mill. it’s worth
trying at least, I would say.