About SnCF

The Date, December 26th, The Year, 1997... A young boy is sat in his bedroom playing Star Craft, he randomly decides to create a clan, he calls it Sacrificial -n- Cold Fear, {SCF}

The years pass, the member numbers increase, {SCF} adds more games to it's portfolio, through Star Craft, Diablo, WarCraft, through Couter Strike (1.3), Unreal Tournament, GuildWars, Natural Selection, and others.. at it's peak it had a community of over 1000 members, hosting multiple game servers.

{SCF} was thriving, but as with many things real life got in the way, and the founder was unable to be around for a while, and this spelled the end of {SCF} as it was...

But {SCF} always stuck around, in one form or another, with some of it's original founder, and some of it's original members from back in the early days...

Now {SCF} is in EvE, known as "-SnCF" (due to ticker limitations) it's original founder returning to EvE after a long break, looking to rebuild the Corp, and continue making memories of {SCF} for a long time to come...

As a corporation, we are friendly, just want to play and have fun.
For info about joining either of our corps, see the "Joining Us" page

As part of The Rogue Consortium, we are under the banner of The Rogue University, meaning we are here to help new and returning players alike, in whatever you feel you may want to do in EvE.

There are many services and experiences we can offer ourselves, or via the alliance.

"Love with a Bite"

Join us for a chat in our public channel, over at SnCF Public