Introduction to Training

As you look through each of the different ranks, the skills and requirements listed are what you need to complete to gain that rank.

As a new recruit, you will be Rank/Title-less, once you complete the tasks on the "Freshman" page, you then receive the "Freshman" rank; you train towards "Sophomore" by completing the requirements on the Sophomore pages, then "Junior" and so-on.

You can take as long as you like to complete each rank's requirements. We encourage you to play the game your way, at your own pace; this is meant only as a guide through the game, but they help you meet the requirements for flying with the alliance and such!

It is important to try and follow through the ranks, and complete them as they will give you a good base skill set to work from for training further into more of the alliance doctrine ships and fittings!

Upon completing each rank, you will receive a new title in game, access to new discord channels (coming soon), and potentially a ship, or access to corp hangars etc.

During the training program, you will be picking a Major, these are basically what your primary interest within EvE would be, (Mining Foreman, Security, Combat and Industry) choosing a major will aid you greatly in your goals, and help you contribute much more towards the corporation, and alliance!

A good starting point for new pilots, is "The Agency".
We advise completing the tutorial missions, choosing a career. (this will also help towards your Major later)
From here, follow through some agent missions, make a little bit of ISK, get a feel for the UI and the game overall.

As for Skills, we recommend looking into the Magic 14 as a good starting point. (These are included in the training program)

This training program is designed to help new and old players alike, train into the most regularly used ships within the corporation and alliance, and will also give you a very good base for pretty much any other ship you may want to fly in the future..

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