Useful Links

Here are a list of links you will find useful to aid in your journey through New Eden, and a brief bit of info about each one.

Eve Career Chart

Feeling lost in Eve? Not sure what you can do? Career Chart to help with that.

Killboard, check kills for detail

‌‌A good place to help with navigating the eve universe, and getting info on various regions, constellations and systems!

Get market info and prices for any item, from all over New Eden, easily and at a glance.

Like evepraisal, but more readable for some people, few different features.

Use this to check your route for combat and kill history.

Paste the user list from local chat, get intel on all pilots in local!

Similar to above, but you can paste D-Scan and such straight in also!

Alysii's PI Scheme

A nice, clear, simply way to figure out what makes what with PI.

Similar to the above, but done slightly different.

Check ore, ice, Moon ore prices in one handy dandy list. Remember to check the boxes at bottom right. and Ramit110's Industry Site

2 very useful industry sites for calculating costs, profits etc. Do check them out if you do ANY industry.


TripWire keeps a map for WormHole connections. If you do WH stuff, you need this.

EvE PathFinder

Find your way, through eve space.

EvE Scout

Wormhole info :D


If you have any suggestions for links that should be listed here, please let us know!